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Did "Thanksgiving Day" Need a Name-Change...?

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Did "Thanksgiving Day" Need a Name-Change...? Empty Did "Thanksgiving Day" Need a Name-Change...?

Post  News Hawk Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:00 pm

White Mosque Task Force Wants Obama to Change “Thanksgiving” to “Celebrate Immigrants Day” via Executive Order.

Susan Payne, a Maryland political activist who called into The Joe Miller Show yesterday and provided even more details on what a White House task force is planning with respect to illegals in this country.

She explained that not only did members of the task force make it clear that their efforts are designed to provide as much money and benefits to illegals as possible, they were also trying to expand ways to induce illegals to come to the United States. With respect to those who receive executive amnesty, Ms. Payne said the focus was “navigate the benefits, not assimilate.

But the most shocking revelation was that members of the task force want to see Thanksgiving be changed by Obama’s executive order to “Celebrate Immigrants Day.” Ms. Payne said she was “stunned” by the “audacity” and “insidious nature” of the Obama’s administration.

Read more: http://joemiller.us/2015/03/white-house-task-force-wants-obama-to-change-thanksgiving-to-celebrate-immigrants-day-via-executive-order/#ixzz3TRGmEXs9 Read more at http://joemiller.us/2015/03/white-house-task-force-wants-obama-to-change-thanksgiving-to-celebrate-immigrants-day-via-executive-order/#kBPopefGF5S8Yd3W.99

Obama loves this country so much he wants to invite the 3rd World in—to celebrate American cash bonuses...


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Did "Thanksgiving Day" Need a Name-Change...? Empty Re: Did "Thanksgiving Day" Need a Name-Change...?

Post  WHL Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:09 pm

Please don't make me any sicker than I already am.

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