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From Britain—a NH look at Rand Paul...

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From Britain—a NH look at Rand Paul... Empty From Britain—a NH look at Rand Paul...

Post  News Hawk Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:48 am

But then he diverged from the views of many present as he made clear his opposition to surveillance – something which many Republicans believe is vital to the country's security.

“It is none of the government's damn business what you are doing on your phone,” he said.
(Excerpt) Read more at telegraph.co.uk ...

Rand Paul will finish well in the NH primary, but there's this problem with 49 other states.


The collapse of Rand Paul and the libertarian moment that never was

The libertarian moment in American politics—foretold just last year in the New York Times magazine—is like the horizon; always retreating as we advance upon it.

The political events of 2015 are a brutal reminder about how far this country is from embracing libertarianism and how alien those ideas are even to the purported shock troops of the freedom movement. While libertarianism’s opponents can take heart, its champions are setting their cause back by pretending that all is well.

The collapse of the Rand Paul campaign speaks volumes. In a 15-person field, Paul is the only candidate who looks even remotely libertarian (social tolerance, foreign policy restraint, and limited government). He started the campaign with decent name recognition, a seat in the United States Senate, lavish media attention, a serious will to win, and a battle-tested, national political operation inherited from his father, Ron.

If there were any significant support for Libertarian ideas in the GOP—any at all—Rand Paul would be near the top of an otherwise crowded, fragmented field that is fighting over every non-libertarian voter in the party.

Yet he’s polling at a mere 1 percent among Republican voters nationwide and has a higher unfavorability rating than anyone else in the GOP race....

(Excerpt) Read more at foxnews.com ...

I had a strong feeling that "The Libertarian Movement" wasn't there—except in the minds of the editors of The New Yawk Times. Editorially, they wanted "someone else".


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