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Something lake related

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Post  News Hawk Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:06 am

obervantone wrote:"...FYI the Coat Guard is looking for a redesign of PFD's to get people to actually wear them.   It's-Not-News Hawk, you are prolific with a camera...how about a shot of you, underway on your boat....if you look hard enough you might find one where you are wearing a PFD, I'm going to speculate that in most, if not all, you are not wearing one.  SBONH's fault no doubt!

I just stumbled on a photo that shows my sailboat with two life-savers. One is a floatable device (Type 4), and the other is a second PFD (Type 3), I keep attached to the boat as a spare, while wearing a different type 3.

As one can tell from the wet foredeck, the extra "baggage" is needed due to the wakes of oversized Winnipesaukee boats.

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