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Our Friends, the Russians...

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Our Friends, the Russians... Empty Our Friends, the Russians...

Post  News Hawk Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:12 am

“Our key product in this global [third-world] market segment is the Project 636 submarine, which is the current bestseller. But we are also promoting the new Amur-1500 submarine,” said Rosoboronexport head Anatoly Isaykin.

“This is not a replacement for Project 636; it is an entirely new submarine that we will be promoting in parallel with Project 636. The Amur-1500 will also be in demand from international buyers, as it will be offered in different versions — including a version with an air-independent propulsion system that is becoming increasingly popular in the naval market,” Isaykin said.

Anti-submarine warfare primarily, but these smaller submarines could be bought to smuggle dope...

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