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Pontoon Boat "Performance"...

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Pontoon Boat "Performance"... Empty Pontoon Boat "Performance"...

Post  News Hawk Sat Jun 15, 2013 5:21 am

NHBUOYAre pontoon boats the next generation of GFBL's.?. I am lol-ing. Pontoons with jack-plates, nose-cones, $1000 Labbed/Blue-printed SS props, NOS systems, Tube-blueprinting..etc. \"If I take the Bimini down I'm good for a whole 51mph..." I see a new boat race series in the future... .. Heavy Metal Racing Series. wrote:'Too chicken to post my prepared reply (below) at Winni.com. But will open it here for discussion, if anyone's interested in outboard motors and pontoon boat top speed increases.

I've been waiting for someone to point out the costs of one MPH "improvement"—without going to JATO bottles.
ishoot308 wrote:
Codeman brings up a good point regarding engine mounting hole.  Basically you should be able to clearly see the cavitation plate of your motor just above the waterline at WOT as shown below. If you can't you need to raise your motor.

Pontoon Boat "Performance"... Attachment
We've always referred to that plate as an anti-cavitation plate.
As a little kid, I used it for boarding when a ladder wasn't provided, but the anti-cavitation plate is a design feature that serves a distinct and important purpose.
...but defeating it will get you that extra MPH...
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Pontoon Boat "Performance"... Empty Re: Pontoon Boat "Performance"...

Post  fshnski Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:09 am

Good points.

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