Stock Market troubles?

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Stock Market troubles?

Post  WHL on Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:02 pm

Investors marveling at the striking similarities of the bull market today to the one that ended in 1987 are hoping history doesn’t repeat itself.

If it does, the market could be in some serious trouble in 37 trading days. In 37 trading days, the ongoing bull market would be 1,311 trading days old, says Jim Paulsen of Wells Capital Management. That is a scary date because it was on the 1,311 trading day after the start of the 1982 bull market that the Standard & Poor’s 500 suffered its biggest one-day crash in history on Oct. 19, 1987. That crash snuffed out what had been a powerful market rally starting in 1982.

Normally these kinds of things are just market oddities. But investors are taking this one seriously since there are such strong similarities with the 1982 bull market and the one the market is currently in. For instance, the current bull run has marked a 175% rally from the low, which is where the 1982 bull was at this point in its run, Paulsen says.

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Re: Stock Market troubles?

Post  News Hawk on Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:46 pm

I wondered why it got so quiet here regarding the stock market. Somebody has been doing some comparisons—to Millionaire Peter Schiff and Billionaire Bunker—now add evil Billionaire George Soros.

Speaking of Billionaire bunkers—they're building some fancy bunkers before the crash!
"In particular, it's de rigueur for wealthy homeowners in the United States who are insisting on armored cubes inside their multi-million dollar mansions where they can take refuge from disaster.

These secure bolt-holes are designed to stop marauding intruders and gun fire while allowing the occupants inside to eat, drink and watch the action outside on CCTV..."

The similarities with the 1987 crash are clear:



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