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Pipeline Still on Hold...

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Pipeline Still on Hold... Empty Pipeline Still on Hold...

Post  News Hawk Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:48 am

...wonder no more...


"You may not have heard of Tom Steyer, he has remained in the shadows. Steyer is a whale contributor to Obama. And his is a huge aggretor of contributions to Obama He is a key advisor to Obama on things petroleum.

"Steyer has other talents, he is a huge hedge fund operator, his fund, Farralon owns more than $114 million of stock in the company Kinder Morgan, which is currently spending billions to expand its Trans-Mountain Pipeline System. This pipeline runs through Canada and is really the only competition to KeyStone. If and when Obama O.K.’s the KeyStone Pipeline, Steyer will lose many millions. He will not be a happy camper, it will not be a good thing for Obama. On the other hand if KeyStone is killed, Steyer will make millions or more."

Did I mention that Steyer held a $5k per person fund raiser at his home for Obama. Obama owes Steyer...
News Hawk
News Hawk

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Pipeline Still on Hold... Empty Re: Pipeline Still on Hold...

Post  WHL Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:28 am

I just heard that yesterday, NH!!!! NO WONDER!! Another of his lies. He pretends it is the environment while all the time it is his rich contributors he is aiding.

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