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"On Golden Pond"...

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"On Golden Pond"... Empty "On Golden Pond"...

Post  News Hawk Fri Aug 02, 2013 5:54 am

When this photo appeared at my Florida forum, I was reminded of "On Golden Pond" before outsiders started changing it.

"On Golden Pond"... Calm-keys00

Were those outsider "ruiners" influenced by the movie?

Firstly, "On Golden Pond" was ruined for me because I couldn't look at Jane Fonda without thinking of the encouraging propaganda she gave Ho Chi Minh. (Two "Fondas" in the same movie—WHY?)


Secondly, having associated Henry Fonda with "Action" WW2 movies—for decades—I felt he over-acted his part as "Norman".

(Excepting only the ONE scene, where he "got lost").

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