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John F. Kerry—the Hero...

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John F. Kerry—the Hero... Empty John F. Kerry—the Hero...

Post  News Hawk Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:54 pm

Received this, plus the Clinton-Hero thread from a US Navy friend:

"When we did security for Clinton in conjunction with the Secret
Service 22 times in the 90's, a very well informed person told me all
of this, almost verbatim, and more. I've been telling people this for
years. I despise draft dodgers and he was one.

I was also told about John Kerry. He was in a safe job in the Navy but
had political aspirations and knew he would need some combat duty. I
was told he wanted to be like John Kennedy and he applied for Swift
Boats. He also knew that there was a regulation that if you were
awarded three Purple Hearts, you went home. He saw to it that he got
those three awards in 88 DAYS ! his total time in Vietnam. One of his
commanders commented that he had received worse wounds in his rose

"Kerry gained some fame and face time for throwing his medals
over the fence at the White House. It was later learned that they
weren't his medals but belonged to another veteran. In congressional
hearings, he detailed various alleged acts of dismembering bodies and
other atrocities by our troops he had seen, comparing the acts to
Genghis Kahn. He later had to admit these were things he allegedly had
been told and had never actually seen any of it. A real coward and
disgrace to veterans of an already unpopular war."

Did you know John F. Kerry served in Viet Nam?

News Hawk
News Hawk

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John F. Kerry—the Hero... Empty Re: John F. Kerry—the Hero...

Post  WHL Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:19 pm

"Hello Russia, John Kerry calling." Click.

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