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Lawyers... Empty Lawyers...

Post  News Hawk Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:09 am

You never know when you might need one...just because you've represented yourself incorrectly on paper. This University is keeping this young man from a career!

Shocked This lawsuit is for $500,000. (30%+ to the lawyer). Rolling Eyes

"Javier’s lawsuit alleges that his expulsion from Cal Baptist cost him a half-million dollars in scholarships and future wages. Before his expulsion, Javier had been granted a $3,500 academic scholarship and a $2,000 music scholarship to study at the school. Since he was expelled, he has been working at a fast food restaurant, but plans to return to Riverside City College for nursing instruction in the fall.

"The law as written does not apply to private religious schools, but the lawsuit argues that because Cal Baptist is open to people outside the Baptist faith and offers degrees in non-theological fields, it should have to follow the same laws as secular public schools.

“We’re not talking about a private seminary or Bible college,” said attorney Paul Southwick. “Just because Cal Baptist is a religiously affiliated institution doesn’t give it a right to discriminate.”

Where do I sign up?


I think of myself as an Indian...I think I’ll put that on my school applications...oh wait, that’s already been done...


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