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Dr Forced by Government to Hand over His License...

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Dr Forced by Government to Hand over His License... Empty Dr Forced by Government to Hand over His License...

Post  News Hawk Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:28 pm

What motivates [Dr.] Landrum to keep this rigorous schedule at an age when most men are long retired? The Washington Post reported on January 14:

“I’ve always had a heart for the poor,” Landrum told The Washington Post this week, struggling to hold back tears. “I grew up poor, and when the doctor would come to us, and he was happy to see us, I pictured myself doing that some day. I try not to ever turn people away — money or no money — because that’s where the need is.”

Unfortunately, government authorities don’t seem have much of a heart for Landrum or the poor. The Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure has asked Dr. Landrum “to surrender his medical license, which he’s carried in his pocket with pride since Dwight D. Eisenhower was president,” writes the Post.

Landrum, however, has refused to do so. While he was deemed “incompetent” at a recent board hearing, “He said the charge is a catchall,” reports the Post, “one designed to avoid citing a specific occupational violation.” He also made some good points in his own defense: “‘If you’re going down a highway and somebody is hurt in a car accident, you stop and attend to them,’ he told The Post. ‘And if you’re in a shopping center and somebody is having a heart attack, you stop and help. It’s your duty as a physician, and this is no different.’”

We might also note that it was once common for physicians to make house calls with their cars.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Landrum has backers and boosters far and wide; in fact, a petition supporting him now exceeds 31,000 signatures. KSLA 12 News quotes a few of these backers: (Excerpted)
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